I-witness Video shows NYPD stealing Camera at Mexican Embassy Protest for Brad

The inaugural post on the I-Witness Video blog deals with police
stealing a camera during the Mexican Consulate action last month.


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We’re very pleased to announce the launch of the brand-spanking new
I-Witness Video blog: The Policing of Protest.

This week’s theme is The War on Cameras.

Today’s story is about the NYPD assaulting a videographer at a
demonstration to steal his camera. Sounds kind of crazy, doesn’t it?

No, we’re not pulling your leg. And we don’t expect you to simply take
our word for it.

Visit iwitnessvideo.info to read the blog and see the video for

Please forward this e-mail to your activist and media friends. And
please share your thoughts on our new venture.

– Eileen Clancy

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