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Great interview on history of US-Mexico government relations

Great interview on history of US-Mexico government relations. Well-argued examination of these governments’ wars against their own peoples, here.

Debunking the ‘success’ of Plan Colombia

Good thing that Colombian security officers are training Mexican anti-narcotics squads. (Try to ignore Juan Forerro’s typical parroting of ‘drug war’ boosters’ narrative.) Death and Drugs in Colombia, New York Review of Books, June 23, 2011 by Daniel Wilkinson Quote: “Paramilitaries also confessed to judicial investigators that they had collaborated extensively with military officers, both […]

American Banks ‘High’ On Drug Money: How a Whistleblower Blew the Lid Off Wachovia-Drug Cartel Money Laundering Scheme

A revealing examination of the games the Federal Government, D.C.-tied ‘human rights’ organizations, and the big banks play on the way to militarization of Latin America and the Caribbean. Quotes from the story: With headline stories across the nation exposing massive fraud and money laundering schemes infilitrating the American financial systems: how could it have […]

Call Off the Global Drug War

An oped for the New York Times by former US President Jimmy Carter June 16, 2011 From the oped: “In an extraordinary new initiative announced earlier this month, the Global Commission on Drug Policy has made some courageous and profoundly important recommendations in a report on how to bring more effective control over the illicit […]

Mexicans are uneasy about America’s outsourced war on drugs

Many believe that Calderón’s drug policies have been imposed by the US, which provides aid under the Mérida Initiative For the Guardian by Luis Hernandez Navarro Tuesday 14 June 2011 Cipriana Jurado is a Mexican activist who for years struggled to assert the rights of maquila workers in Ciudad Juarez on the US border. She […]

Great piece by ‘drug war’ insider turned opponent

40 Years of Drug War Hasn’t Worked; “Time for a Change,” Says 9-Year Veteran The public understands how disastrous it’s been — now it’s time for the politicians and law enforcement to change course. June 15, 2011 | The “War on Drugs” was launched by President Richard Nixon 40 years ago this week. In 1980, […]

Mexico’s Anti-Drug War March Demands Far-Reaching Political Reforms

Posted on: 05/09/2011 by Laura Carlsen Thousands of Mexicans changed the face of national and international politics May 8 in the world’s first mass protest against the drug war. Read the rest of this excellent piece here.

Mexicans Reject Calderón’s War

Posted on: 21/04/2011 by Alfredo Acedo The clock on the Torre Latinoamericana strikes 5:00 on April 6th as the ragtag group that fills the esplanade of the Bellas Artes museum yells ‘No more blood!’ and ‘Down with Felipe Calderon!’. This is not a common place to begin a protest, but this march was called by […]

Pentagon Fingered as a Source of Narco-Firepower in Mexico

Posted by Bill Conroy to NarcoNews – February 13, 2011 The Big Clubs in Mexico’s Drug War Aren’t Slipping Through the Gun-Show Loophole Consulate wires leaked by Wikileaks indicate that U.S. military grade weapons are in the hands of Mexican Drug Cartels. The attempt, by the Obama Administration to finger gun sellers in the U.S., […]

State Department looking for U.S.-trained Zetas in all the wrong places

Leaked cable exposes diplomatic sleight of hand by Bill Conroy – for NarcoNews A 2009 State Department cable made public recently by the nonprofit WikiLeaks media organization appears to be an effort by the U.S. Embassy in Mexico to do some deceptive damage control on the drug-war front. To read the rest of this intriguing […]

Mexican Journalist Says Politics Behind Asylum Delay

By Patricia Giovine EL PASO, Texas – Mexican journalist Emilio Gutierrez, who fled his homeland in 2008 with his teenage son after receiving death threats from the army, says the lengthy delay in his asylum hearings in the United States is due to the politically sensitive nature of his case. The hearings, which had been […]

Following Mexico’s drug money trail

A recent in-depth piece on Al Jazeera English examines the human rights implications of the militarized “war on drugs” as well as the role U.S. financial institutions play in facilitating the drug trade.  The statement Friends of Brad Will signed on to calling for an end of U.S. military aid to Mexico and a reorientation […]

The Military Command Behind Mexico’s Violent Drug War

This is an excellent article documenting the mentality of the US military and State Department intent on militarizing Mexico: The US Northern Command’s Work With Mexican Armed Forces Has ‘Increased Dramatically’ and May Be Expanded By Erin Rosa Special to The Narco News Bulletin October 22, 2010

Drug Prohibition

Letter Published: October 19, 2010 To the Editor: Re “In Mexico, Scenes From Life in a Drug War: Monterrey’s Habit” (Op-Ed, Oct. 17): Ricardo Elizondo Elizondo’s essay about the drug war in Mexico says that Mexico must take notice of its own drug use problems and that “there can be no solution until we come […]

The Murderers of Mexico

The Murderers of Mexico October 28, 2010 Alma Guillermoprieto Excerpt from this fascinating piece in the New York Review of Books which reaffirms the failure of the ‘war on drugs’ which we’ve been citing as a pretext for militarization of Latin America and the Caribbean: “It’s not that Guzmán has influence whereas other traffickers do […]

Weary of Drug War, Mexico Debates Legalization

By Tim Johnson | McClatchy Newspapers Wednesday, September 8, 2010 MEXICO CITY — A debate about legalizing marijuana and possibly other drugs — once a taboo suggestion — is percolating in Mexico, a nation exhausted by runaway violence and a deadly drug war. Read the entire article here. Don’t miss some great comments on this […]

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Mexico: The Voice of the Community Faces Numerous Threats

Written by Emilio Godoy Wednesday, 25 August 2010 (IPS) – The Jenpoj (“winds of fire) community radio station in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, which plays an important role in keeping the Mixe indigenous community informed, has had its equipment confiscated and has fought and won a court case to get a broadcast license. […]

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López Obrador’s Alternative Plans for Mexico

This seems a fair and useful assessment of the current run-up to the Mexican presidential elections and Obrador’s position in it. I wonder why Obrador’s position on the militarization of Mexico under Calderon was overlooked (I can’t believe he is ambivalent about this extreme transformation of Mexico). Rob López Obrador’s Alternative Plans for Mexico Written […]

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(US) Hemispheric Militarization reaches Costa Rica

Under the guise of ‘war on drugs’ “After receiving a diplomatic request from the US Embassy, on July 1 the Costa Rican legislative assembly approved a measure to grant unprecedented access to a U.S. military fleet in Costa Rica’s waters. The vessels will arrive for at least six months to assist counter-narcotics operations by Costa […]

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Human Rights Defenders Seek Protection in Mexico

Quote from NY Times article by Marc Lacey: “Activists working on cases connected to the drug war are particularly vulnerable because drug trafficking organizations, and their many accomplices in police forces and governments, show little tolerance for criticism.” is this the government with which the US is seeking law-enforcement cooperation in the so-called ‘drug war’?! […]

A Bad Week for the Monroe Doctrine

Written by Conn Hallinan Thursday, 17 June 2010 12:10 Source: Foreign Policy in Focus (FPIF) published at Upside Down World. It is hard to find words that quite describe U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s performance at the June 7 meeting of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Lima, Peru. Cluelessness certainly comes to […]

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Merida II prospects of ‘success’ negligible

Mexican President Comes to Washington: What will come of President Calderøn’s visit to Washington? by COHA Research Associates Elizabeth Sahner, Carl Patchen, & Kyle Tana along with Research Fellow Dan Boscov-Ellen • It no longer is just Mexico’s drug war as violence and corruption begins to engulf the U.S. • No prospect that the U.S. […]

AP IMPACT: US drug war has met none of its goals

By MARTHA MENDOZA, Associated Press Writer Martha Mendoza, Associated Press Writer – Fri May 14, 12:02 am ET MEXICO CITY – After 40 years, the United States’ war on drugs has cost $1 trillion and hundreds of thousands of lives, and for what? Drug use is rampant and violence even more brutal and widespread.

Paramilitary attack leaves two dead and four disappeared

Reposted from Angry White Kid: Beatríz Alberta Cariño – Rest in Peace (source) Jyri Jaakkola – Rest in Peace (source) UPDATE 8PM: The two individuals whose deaths have been confirmed are Beatríz Alberta Cariño, the director of CACTUS and member of the Southeast Mexican Indigenous Community Radios Network, and Jyri Jaakkola, an international solidarity observer […]

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Mexico must investigate US journalist’s death

18 February 2010 AI Index: PRE01/060/2010 Amnesty International today has urged an investigation into the death of US video journalist Brad Will after the political activist wrongly accused of the killing was released. The organization welcomed the release of Juan Manuel Martinez after he won an appeal. It also demanded an investigation into the abuses […]

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More impunity in Mexico

The last update on here about Juan Manuel Martinez Moreno, pictured above, was back in August 2009, when Mexico’s Federal Attorney General’s Office (PGR) released a report it claimed was by the RCMP supporting their case against him. For those who don’t remember, Juan Manuel is a member of the Popular Assembly of the Peoples […]

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U.S. priorities shifting in Mexico’s drug fight

By ALFREDO CORCHADO / The Dallas Morning News November 21, 2009 The article describes how President Obama’s administration is in discussions with his right-wing PAN counterpart, Mexican President Calderon, to extend lethal aid package to Mexico with a new emphasis on corruption. Of course, this worked so clearly not the outcome of 11 years of […]

Mexican Supreme Court Finds Oaxaca Governor Responsible for Human Rights Violations

By Monica Wooters / Americas Program, Center for International Policy (CIP) November 17, 2009 Article excerpts: “After two days of deliberations, on Oct. 14 the Mexican Supreme Court made public its decision that Ulises Ruiz Ortiz (governor of the state of Oaxaca) is culpable for the human rights violations that occurred in Oaxaca as a […]

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Amnesty Int. Calls for review of Brad’s Investigation

Amnesty International calls on the Mexican authorities to review the investigation into Brad Will’s killing. Ocober 23, 2009 “The tragedy and injustice of Brad Will’s death and Juan Manuel Martínez’s unfounded prosecution are part of the failure to investigate and hold to account those responsible for widespread human rights violations committed in Oaxaca in 2006 […]

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From: Reporters Without Borders OAXACA NEWSPAPER EDITOR GOES INTO HIDING AFTER SHOOTING ATTACK ON HOME Mexico, September 1, 2009 The police and judicial authorities investigating a shooting attack on the home of Guillermo Soto Bejarano, the regional weekly Nuevo Milenio‘s editor and columnist, on 30 August in Salina Cruz (in the southern state of Oaxaca) […]

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