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López Obrador’s Alternative Plans for Mexico

This seems a fair and useful assessment of the current run-up to the Mexican presidential elections and Obrador’s position in it. I wonder why Obrador’s position on the militarization of Mexico under Calderon was overlooked (I can’t believe he is ambivalent about this extreme transformation of Mexico). Rob López Obrador’s Alternative Plans for Mexico Written […]

Drugs Won the War

By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF (Op-Ed Columnist, published in the New York Times) June 13, 2009 This year marks the 40th anniversary of President Richard Nixon’s start of the war on drugs, and it now appears that drugs have won. “We’ve spent a trillion dollars prosecuting the war on drugs,” Norm Stamper, a former police chief […]

Obama's Choice: Human Rights First or Plan Mexico

June 1 2009 Kristina Aiello for NACLA These efforts to suppress political dissent are part of a growing trend of increased governmental aggression towards activists and social movements occurring across Latin America. Accompanying this repression are huge increases in military spending authorized by the Bush administration to combat drug trafficking and “terrorism” in Latin America […]

Drug War Doublespeak

Laura Carlsen | March 9, 2009 Americas Program, Center for International Policy (CIP) Through late February and early March, a blitzkrieg of declarations from U.S. government and military officials and pundits hit the media, claiming that Mexico was alternately at risk of being a failed state, on the verge of civil war, losing control […]