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Rebellion in Oaxaca" An Exhibition of Documentary Photography and Video- TONIGHT We are excited to present “Rebellion in Oaxaca” on June 14th, commemorating the events in 2006 which sparked the popular uprising in Oaxaca. The International Center 50 W 23rd St 7th Floor Thursday June 14, 2007, 6 – 8pm, video presentation: 7 pm.

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Associated Press Fires Oaxaca Correspondent Rebeca Romero- REJOICE!

Associated Press Fires Oaxaca Correspondent Rebeca Romero Undisclosed Conflicts of Interest and “a Consistent Pattern of Sensationalizing Protester Violence while Sanitizing State Violence through Misreporting” By John Gibler Special to The Narco News Bulletin April 5, 2007 The Associated Press fired Oaxaca state correspondent Rebeca Romero due to pro-government bias in her coverage of a […]

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